MERN Chat App

By far one of the most difficult apps I’ve ever built but it has made me fall in love with the MERN stack. This app allows you to create an account complete with a profile image, login and chat with other users either one on one or in group. There is also search functionality to find users you want to chat with and notifications from other users who message you when you are not in a chat room with them.

Frontend: React.js, Axios, Chakra UI

Backend: Node.js/Express/MongoDB

Stock Trader

This app allows you to simulate trading on the stock market. Once you are registered and logged in, proceed to the “trade page” you will have a wallet with an initial balance of $100,000USD. Once you make your first purchase a portfolio will automatically be created in the Portfolio page. The Portfolio page will display both a chart of stocks you have purchased as well as a list of each stock below with option to buy or sell via clicking the “Trade” button.

Frontend: React.js, Axios, Bootstrap

Backend: Node.js/Express/IEX API

Twitter App

This was my first full stack app using Node JS and React. It was a challenge to build but taught me so much about web development. This app uses Twitter’s public API and API keys to programmaticlally return an authorization token with each query.

The UI provides functionality to return a random tweet from one of my five favorite users as well as the ability to search for a user on Twitter by name.

Frontend: React.js, Axios, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap

Backend: Node.js/Express/Twitter Developer API

JavaScript Snake Game

This was my first experience working with JS Canvas and implementing JavaScript language to build a game. It was definitely challenging but a lot of fun in the end. This app really helped me to understand just how many ways there are to use code in the real world.

Written entirely in Vanilla JavaScript without the use of any CDNs or libraries this app is as simple as it gets. However, because there is a surprising amount of logic and coordination between functions required, this was actually a deceptively difficult project.

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript

JavaScript Expense Tracker

At the time, this app was by far the most challenging in terms of working almost purely with logic. The thing is with a calculator, most of what is happening is invisible to the user. Up until this point, console.log had been my best friend but what I really learned from this app is how to make use of other dev tools, particularly the sources tab.

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript